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Antibodies type G

As immunoglobulin G is called a subclass of antibodies. IgG make up approximately 80% of total immunoglobulins or antibodies . IgG antibodies are the most important class. They circulate in the plasma and are present in body secretions. Their main tasks are the agglutination neutralization of antigens. IgG activate the complement system. IgG in the immune response of the human organism, the antibodies of the secondary answer. IgG are present as monomers in the free form. Their molecular weight is 150 kDa. IgG consists of two heavy and two light chains. The chains are linked via disulfide bonds. IgG can be differentiated by their biochemical properties in 4 other subclasses.

As immunoglobulin A refers to a specific class of antibodies. IgA represent about one tenth of the plasma occurring antibodies. Mainly as a function of IgA antibodies secreted into the body fluids (saliva is, milk, intestinal secrete, urogenital secrete a defensive function against pathogens) to unfold. A selective IgA deficiency has clinical significance. In the secreted form of IgA is present as a dimer in the form of SIGA, consisting of 2 monomers bound by the so-called J-chain. In humans, two subclasses of IgA, we differentiate between IgA1 and IgA2. The molecular weight of the dimer is 370 kDa. The dimer has four binding sites for antigens.

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